Writing Craft Tips: Plot

This week I thought I’d give you a few links to older content regarding plot that still may be helpful for whatever you’re struggling with. Next week, I’ll link to the tons of content on building characters.


One of my most popular craft links is to this plot paradigm. It’s available for you to download.


Here’s another on the plot paradigm: http://janetsfox.com/2020/02/planning-to-plot/

One of my favorite plot paradigms is Save The Cat: http://janetsfox.com/2021/04/saving-the-cat/

Where to put backstory? This article will help. http://janetsfox.com/2016/06/bury-the-backstory/

And here’s another on backstory: http://janetsfox.com/2020/02/backstory-what-your-character-knows/

If you are a “pantser” and frustrated with a lack of planning, this may be for you: http://janetsfox.com/2017/11/pantser-revised/

And another on this topic: http://janetsfox.com/2020/01/a-war-of-words-plotter-versus-pantser/

Plot devices to lean on: http://janetsfox.com/2021/02/plot-devices/

Plot, or character? http://janetsfox.com/2022/04/character-v-plot/

plot chart


Tension is essential to drive the plot forward. http://janetsfox.com/2015/02/tension/

And here’s another on the topic of tension: http://janetsfox.com/2015/03/creating-conflict/

And another: http://janetsfox.com/2015/03/tension-on-every-page/

Knowing your story’s stakes is crucial: http://janetsfox.com/2020/04/whats-at-stake/

Story Theme

Theme is hard to define but you must: http://janetsfox.com/2021/06/theme/

Story Heart

Find your story’s heart and you will find your story’s magic connection with the reader. http://janetsfox.com/2016/05/getting-story-heart/

And here’s another article on the same idea: http://janetsfox.com/2020/01/right-write-to-the-heart/

A similar idea to story heart: http://janetsfox.com/2022/02/personal-life-theme/

And here’s another on the same idea: http://janetsfox.com/2021/07/your-core-value/

I’d love to hear your questions and what you’d like to see for content in the future!

2 Responses to “Writing Craft Tips: Plot”

  1. Linda W.

    Wow! Thank you for all of your hard work not only in compiling this but also writing all of those craft posts. I need these posts! This also is a good resource to hand to people. I have heard people say, “Plotting is not a strength of mine.” Yet I have seldom seen some of them move toward learning more on the subject. So thank you! I can point others (and especially myself) to these posts.

    • Janet

      Thank you so much, Linda! I hope you can use this week’s, too!