Meet Janet Fox,
Award-winning Author and Your Literary Guide

Hello! I’m Janet Fox, an award-winning author with a deep passion for the magic of storytelling. My writing journey began at age 8 with a poem published in the town newspaper, setting the stage for a career dedicated to writing captivating tales for young readers.

As a writer, I strive to create books that can help grow young hearts and minds.

As a mentor and book coach, my mission is to guide writers through the twists and turns of their creative odyssey, turning struggles into triumphs. I’ve helped scores of writers to achieve their dream of writing, revising, and, yes, publishing their children’s books.

A Mission Focused on Joy

At the heart of my writing and editing is a deep belief: every book for young readers should create joy.

Whether you’re navigating the intricate plot of your novel or seeking constructive feedback on your characters, I’m committed to being your ally.

See How I Can Help You on Your Writing Journey

I Love to Bring Stories to Life for All Audiences

My books have won numerous awards including SCBWI’s Crystal Kite and Women Writing the West’s WILLA. They’ve received starred reviews and appeared on state awards and reading lists. And they’ve been included on “best of” lists like Bank Street Books, CBC, YALSA, and Junior Library Guild.

I love talking about books and writing craft, whether in the classroom or in webinars, in conferences or workshops, to audiences of kids and adults.

If you’re a teacher or librarian:

I work with students of all ages; and if you are a conference or workshop organizer, please contact me for more information.

And click this link for a downloadable bio, headshot, and book list.

“After your talk, the 5th grade teachers had classroom discussions. The sharing that went on, according to the teachers, was absolutely amazing! They want to have you come back…” N. Young, Librarian, Meadowlark Elementary

Find More About Me Here!

If you’re a student – here’s a fun “True or False” about me!

Can you guess which of the things in the handout are true? Eight are true, and two are false. Click here to download the game!


Every adventure of my life has added depth to my storytelling.

My personal road involved doing homework in a graveyard, singing my heart out in a rock band, diving to the sea floor in a submersible, teaching high school English, and living in an unheated stone cottage in Brittany. Now I’m a mom with a writer son, living in the mountains of Montana with my husband and our lively yellow lab.

I’m confident that whatever path you’ve walked, you, too, can become a storyteller.

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As a writer, I’m proud of the books I’ve written, from picture book through young adult.

But I’m also proud of the writers I’ve impacted, and the dreams I’ve helped realize. Some of my sweetest moments come from this:

“Janet changed the way I feel about my writing, giving me a whole new level of confidence, enjoyment, and hope for my work in progress. I can’t say enough good things about her encouragement, caring, and writing expertise which translated into much better writing in my story.” —Susan, published author of middle grade novel ELEPHANT TOUCH

I’ll never forget my early writing years of feeling stuck, unsupported, and questioning whether my stories would ever come to life. The many years I spent wishing to see my work in print. The hours and dollars I spent on conferences and workshops, and in my MFA program in Writing for Children – productive, but arduous.

Your journey may be different, but your challenges resonate with me.

“While many writers/critiquers I’ve worked with over the years are good at pointing out my story’s flaws, few excel at giving ideas for fixing them. That’s not the case with Janet Fox. With her extensive background in story writing and publishing, and her gift for seeing a writer’s vision for their story, Janet is skilled at both finding a manuscript’s weakness and giving suggestions for improvement. There’s no doubt working with Janet has turned my YA novel into a stronger story.” —Dave

Your writing journey deserves personalized guidance.

With my years of experience in writing, submitting to agents and editors, and studying my craft, I’ve honed the art of turning manuscripts into compelling stories. When I teach, I focus on providing you with the expertise and support I wish I’d had during my own journey.

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