If you’re like me, you’ve long wanted to be a children’s book author: writing great books that get published and are read by children.

When I was in your shoes, I searched for help. Sometimes I found it through organizations like SCBWI, inside an expensive MFA program, and from mentors like fellow writers. But often, I was on my own.

That’s why I’ve created courses and membership programs, based on everything I’ve learned, so you can find what you need right now.

From Premise to Published

Here’s what you’ll find within my course platform:

Need the very basics to get started?

Try my Six Day Story System.

“The six well thought out lessons were very manageable and informative. I could go through them at my own pace and appreciate having them available for future reference. I learned more about crafting a story and the points to consider when writing.” 5 star review

Want to write a non-fiction book?

I’ve written a course to help you develop a strong book proposal to help you pitch and sell that idea.

Want to write your best picture book?

I have a course to walk you through the fundamentals of writing a picture book, from inspiration to taking your book to market.

Check out my new free informative video about picture book writing here:

Watch Here!

Need accountability on your journey?

My Accountability Journal and course will keep you on track.

I’m adding more courses all the time.

Soon to come:

Create Compelling Characters

Get Revision Right

Middle Grade Magic

Plan To Plot

And, of course, if you want the most comprehensive collection of courses, rich with content, support, and community, you’ll find it all in my Fox’s Den.

Check Out the Fox’s Den