Welcome to the Fox’s Den, where you can go from “Premise to Published”

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Let’s Tackle Your Writing Roadblocks Head-On…
…to Make Your Dreams As a Children’s Book Author Come True!

Ever felt the pain of writer’s block or the frustration of elusive progress? Are you juggling the details of story-crafting while yearning for constructive feedback?

Do you wonder:

  • Will my children’s book ever come to life?
  • How can I overcome writer’s block and self-doubt?
  • Where can I find professional, constructive feedback?
  • How do I navigate the intricacies of building characters and plot and world?

I’ve watched writers struggle with getting their story on paper, with finding their path to publication – and I know just how that feels.

What is Fox’s Den?

Inside the Fox’s Den you’ll find the following:

  • courses you can take at your own pace that cover every aspect of writing for children and young adults
  • exercises and handouts with almost every lesson
  • a community forum for you to connect with other children’s writers
  • twice-monthly Zoom meetings in which you’ll receive answers to your questions with live coaching
  • up-to-date information on the ever-changing aspects of publishing books for children

The Fox’s Den isn’t just a membership…

…it’s your gateway to literary success. Embrace your imagination without the nagging voice of doubt so your creativity can run free.

Your investment is the key to realizing your dream and achieving the recognition and success you crave in the world of children’s literature.

Here, you’ll go from Premise to Published!

Check out my free webinar on the Den here: Watch Here!

“I approached Janet after meeting her at a webinar and [was] impressed with her directness and [ability] to analyze a manuscript and provide insightful feedback. Janet is a seasoned, knowledgeable, kind, and supportive coach.” – Judy

“Janet offered detailed feedback, precise edits, insightful and holistic story arc guidance, valuable recommendations and tips on connecting with young readers, and generous coaching advice, all in a well-organized process, effectively managed by a true professional.” —Mahmoud

Hey, storytellers!
I’m Janet Fox, your guide.

The Fox’s Den isn’t just about my two decades in publishing, my MFA, or my 12 books—it’s about channeling those experiences into a mentorship designed to nurture YOUR growth.

Join me, where my experience meets yours, and together, we’ll craft resonant stories. Because, to me, your storytelling success is a reflection of why I genuinely care about your journey.


Join a Community of Passionate Kid Lit Writers

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Inside the Fox’s Den, I’ll guide you through the art of crafting your children’s book. When you join the Den, you join a community offering support, compassion, commitment, and personalized feedback at a reasonable cost.

What awaits you in the Fox’s Den?

  • Join an intimate group of up to 30 writers
  • A private group chat forum for peer creativity and support
  • A curated series of 9 modules covering writing craft, marketing, and publishing
  • Over 50 hours of content that you can absorb at your own pace
  • Zoom meetings each month for insightful Q&A sessions and short live coaching bursts

Each module contains 5 to 10 (or more!) self-guided lessons, offering you hours of content. I’ve designed this self-guided 6-month program to provide you with a solid foundation in the craft of writing for children.

You’ll meet a cohort of colleagues, continuing your creative journey in a community forum with open discussions.

In the Den we do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation and are proud to support and assist all writers.

Check out the modules you’ll find in the Den!

  • Chart Your Course: Discover how to navigate the Den, outlining a clear and compelling course for your creative path.
  • Creating Characters: Dive deep into the art of character development, crafting engaging protagonists and intriguing antagonists that resonate with your readers, whether you write picture books or novels.
  • Plan to Plot: Learn the essential techniques of plotting, turning your ideas into a well-structured and captivating storyline.
  • Perfect Picture Books: Uncover the secrets of creating picture-perfect books for the youngest readers, exploring the unique challenges and joys of this literary form.
  • Mastering Middle Grade: Delve into the nuances of writing for the middle-grade audience, capturing the essence of this crucial developmental stage with your storytelling.
  • Young Adult Appeal: Understand the intricacies of writing for young adults, striking a balance between relatability and complexity to captivate this dynamic audience.
  • Worlds in Words: Worldbuilding: Explore the art of building immersive and enchanting worlds within your stories, adding depth and authenticity to your narratives.
  • Revise Right: Hone your revision skills, learning effective techniques to polish and refine your manuscript until it gleams with literary brilliance.
  • Sell Your Stuff: Querying, Publishing, Marketing: Navigate the business side of writing, from crafting compelling queries to understanding the publishing landscape and implementing effective marketing strategies to get your work noticed.

“You found the ideal combination (for me) of craft instruction and encouragement. In particular, your practical experience, as applied to my project, was right on the money. Your understanding of the middle grade environment was especially helpful.” —D.

“Janet whipped me into shape with constructive criticism and a ton of encouragement! She can analyze a piece of writing and, with her considerable experience, recommend exactly what to do to make it engaging and marketable. Overall, working with Janet was, in a word, inspiring!” —Brook M., published author of YA novel TRAPPED.

The Investment

Join The Fox’s Den for Exceptional Value!

  • The initial month’s payment is $500.
  • Subsequent months are $250 for as long as you are in the Den.
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Are You a DIY-er?

Want all of the Fox’s Den info but don’t need the community or the coaching? DIY Den is for you!

Purchase the Fox’s Den courses and work through them at your own pace. Plus, you get lifetime access to all of the content, even if I update it (which I do all the time!)

Payment Options:
One-time purchase: $1150 (save $150)
6 monthly payments:$217/month

Get DIY Den


How to join the intimate community that supports your literary success

  1. Contact Me: Start the process by submitting your request to join the Fox’s Den. We want to ensure the program is the right fit for you. Once we’ve met virtually and answered your questions, you’re on your way to joining the Den. Prepare for an exciting journey into the world of children’s book writing. IMPORTANT NOTE: Enrollment is limited! Don’t wait to secure your spot.
  2. Secure Your Spot: Make the initial payment to secure your spot. This commitment unlocks exceptional value and benefits.
  3. Immediate Access: As soon as your payment is processed, you gain immediate access to all courses and the group chat. No waiting – dive right in! You’ll have access to all courses inside the Den as long as you retain membership.
  4. Introduce Yourself: Join the community, introduce yourself, and connect with fellow writers. The supportive environment awaits you as you set off to conquering your roadblocks and fast-tracking your writing.
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“I was stuck. Hidden deep in the bowels of my dreams, was the one where I was a writer, but I didn’t know where to go. I’d had dozens of pages written but didn’t know what to do with them. I couldn’t even describe this collection of words as a hunk of clay waiting to be molded, it was in such disarray. The only thing I had was that faint whisper of a dream refusing to be ignored.

“Thankfully, I found Janet.

“Janet gave me structure when I had none. Janet helped me identify my audience when I didn’t realize I even needed one. And every step along the way, Janet, with her wealth of knowledge, gave me tool after tool to help me treat each obstacle as a speed bump on the road to finishing my first draft.

“Now it’s on to rewrites (which Janet assures me is the fun part) and I can’t wait!”  —Eric


Q: Why should I commit to a 6-month program? A: Writing is a journey, and meaningful progress takes time. Committing to six months ensures a deep dive into your craft, setting the stage for transformative growth. After 6 months, you get a free copy of DIY Den, giving you lifetime access to the Fox’s Den content.

Q: How will this program fit into my busy schedule? A: The Fox’s Den is designed for flexibility. With a supportive community and self-paced learning, you can tailor your writing journey to suit your schedule while staying accountable.

Q: Is the program suitable for beginners? A: Absolutely! Whether you’re new to writing or looking to enhance your skills, the program caters to all levels. It’s not just about where you are now; it’s about where you want to be.

Q: What if I’m not sure I want to write for children? A: The program provides a solid foundation in writing for children, but the skills learned are transferable. Exploring this niche can open up new creative possibilities and markets for your writing.

Q: How much time do I need to dedicate each week? A: The beauty of the Fox’s Den lies in its flexibility. Dedicate as much time as your schedule allows. What matters most is your commitment to your growth and the joy of crafting your stories.

Q: Will I get individual feedback on my work? A: Some personalized feedback will come from the supportive community, and in our Zoom meetings you’ll find the guidance you need to refine your writing and overcome challenges.

Q: What sets Fox’s Den apart from other writing programs? A: The Fox’s Den is not just a mentorship; it’s a collaborative journey. With a focus on community, compassion, and comprehensive learning, it offers a unique and enriching experience.

Q: What if I want more support and one-on-one guidance? A: Janet has a very limited number of spots open for one-on-one coaching. Click here for more details.

A Final Message From Your Writing Guide

I understand the struggles, the nagging doubts, and the yearning to bring your stories to life. In just six months, you could be holding a manuscript that reflects not just your words but the essence of your creativity.

Imagine a community where your journey is embraced, your questions are answered, and your craft is nurtured. The Fox’s Den isn’t just a membership—it’s a haven where your writing dreams unfold.

I invite you to join us, where your commitment becomes a foundation for growth, and your stories find the support they deserve. The transformative adventure awaits—let’s make it together.


Janet Fox, Your Guide in the Writing Wilderness

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