The Haunted States of America

Godwin Books, July 9 2024 / 978-1250819413 / 352 pages / 9-12 years

Hardcover $17.99

Fifty two different stories. Fifty two different Authors. Endless fright for all ages.

Every state has an urban legend that evokes fear and curiosity in equal parts, and we’ve chronicled all of these logic-defying horrors here in the Haunted States of America anthology.

From the Jersey Devil to La Llorona, each story included introduces a new chill inducing, stomach churning monster, spectre, or poltergeist certain to keep you up at night. A broad ranging collection of authors, including seasoned veterans and some first timers making a fright-tastic debut, have all united to unearth the scariest lore from each state in the US, as well as D.C. and Puerto Rico. Make sure to strap in for this spooky cross country tour, but be extra careful not to let any of these terrors follow you home.

Shiver your way across the United States of fear in this collection of paranormal stories by a diverse range of authors…It’s dark. Maybe it’s Halloween. Something isn’t right. Are those glowing lights? Strange sounds—screams, moans, whimpers, or more subtly ominous noises—float on the air. Your cellphone is useless. You’re impelled to do something you know you shouldn’t. Finally, the dramatic climax arrives, and you’re saved—or perhaps not.

An entertaining, fright-filled geographical tour.