We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Edited to add: check out the links in the comments. We’re updating regularly! And if you are an author or illustrator looking to add to this list, please do comment or contact me. Thanks!

Wow. What a world. I don’t know about you, but things are changing in my domain at a rapid clip.

With so many kids out of school, it’s got to be hard to find good entertainment (that might even sneak in a little education). And if you aren’t a kid, you may be finding your new “sheltering-in-place” way of life either anxiety-provoking (too much news!) or boring (even binge-watching gets old).

So I’ve put my craft posts on a brief hold for a week or two while I try to help you all find things to do, for yourselves and the ones you love.

For The Kiddos (And Young At Heart)

The inimitable author Kate Messner has created a special resource realm, Read, Wonder, and Learn, with authors reading from their books, suggesting writing prompts, giving mini-lectures on interesting topics, etc. A fun place to find treasures!

And – zowee – check this out from We Are Teachers! A huge compendium of options.

Here’s a resource for moms with tons of different kinds of activities.

For young artists, a drawing challenge that will be updated. Here’s a series of drawing lessons from the amazing Jarrett Krosoczka. And a cool page from Chris Barton with coloring sheets! Also, Jarrett Lerner has excellent activities – check them out.

Non-fiction guru Melissa Stewart has a series of video lessons here.

Check out this YouTube channel of authors, Authors Everywhere, who are presenting drawing tips and other cool things.

Author Lindsay Curry (Peculiar Incident on Shady Street) has a YouTube channel teaching “writing spooky” tips.

Children’s Book Insider is making their writing blueprint free, for kids 6-10.

Publisher’s Weekly has posted this article with a whole lot of kidlit-related on-line information.

And for a quick fix, here’s a video of me reading the opening of THE ARTIFACT HUNTERS:

For The Reader

For the housebound reader, libro.fm has a list of really great suggestions for ways you can not only support yourself but also your local independent bookseller.

And the best suggestion of all is this one: bookstorelink. I’d never heard of it, but type in any book you’re searching for and it will connect you with a local indie that can, in many cases, hand-deliver books to your door, or your waiting car. Cool, huh?

(If you live in Bozeman Montana, my wonderful indie, Country Bookshelf, has confirmed that they will deliver prepaid books within city limits or curbside. Go for it!)

For Anyone

Librarians are awesome. Information at their fingertips, and they know how to use it. Here’s a link to everything you might need to get through the next few weeks.

I’ll be updating this site with new things I find and if you have anything appropriate to share, please share in the comments. Thanks and hang in there!


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