THE ARTIFACT HUNTERS: Middle Grade Historical Fantasy

Viking, 2020. Cover by Jen Bricking

Coming soon!

For fans of THE CHARMED CHILDREN OF ROOKSKILL CASTLE, who have asked for a sequel…coming from Viking Children’s in August 2020, a companion book: THE ARTIFACT HUNTERS. In the words of my editor, Aneeka Kalia:

“Indiana Jones-style treasure-hunting through eras of the past to defeat the greatest evil the world has ever seen.”

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“An intricately woven tale full of action, menace and historical twists, Janet Fox reminds readers that friendship can overcome even the most powerful of evils.” Kim Ventrella, author of SKELETON TREE

And here’s a snippet…….

“What does this mean, a magical artifact?” Isaac asked.

“An artifact is an old object, of any kind,” Amelie said. “Jewelry. A sword. A mirror. A potion. But a magical artifact is infused with power. Some of the stuff of legends, like, you know, Excalibur. Or Aladdin’s lamp with the genie inside or the Chinese emperor’s nightingale. Other objects may have magic but no stories about them. Yet.” She paused. “A magical artifact can be just about anything.”

Isaac will have to discover his own path, while battling his fears, for…

“We may all be monsters under the skin.”

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