Interview: Kirby Larson & AUDACITY JONES TO THE RESCUE!

I loved Kirby Larson’s writing as soon as I first “met” her through her Newbery honor-winning novel HATTIE BIG SKY. I’ve met her for real since then – and she’s a delightful person as well as an amazing author. I’m truly honored to have her today on the blog, talking about her newest book (an Amazon Best Middle Grade Book for February!), writing historical fiction, writing about animals, and more. You can read all about her and her books at her website.

Here’s Kirby:

First, please tell us a bit about your newest release, AUDACITY JONES TO THE RESCUE, a little summary and insight.

I had so much fun writing this book that it should be against the law! Audie came tapping on my shoulder one day, demanding attention. I set aside what I was working on to create 5 or so pages of character sketch/moodling, but had no idea where it was all going. Some years later, when I learned that it had been thought that a young relative of President Taft had been kidnapped in January 1910, fireworks went off in my imagination. The young girl, Dorothy, had not been kidnapped but by then my writer’s brain was working overtime: what if Dorothy had been kidnapped? Who would do it? Why? And didn’t it seem likely that a bookish orphan named Audacity Jones might just be a likely rescuer? I got to create over the top fun characters – including an exceedingly clever cat – and tell the story from multiple viewpoints – this has certainly been one of the liveliest writing experiences I’ve ever had.AUDACITY author Larson

I can’t wait to read it! Like AUDACITY, much, if not most, of what you write is historical. What appeals to you the most about writing historical fiction for young readers?

There are so many terrific stories from history, stories that haven’t been told because they’re about children/young adults, especially girls. I have found my passion in trying to share these stories in a such way that today’s readers find connections. I am so grateful to my publisher, Scholastic, for supporting my passion for historical fiction.

You also feature animals in your stories. I assume you have pets: names, species, and any amusing anecdotes? What is inspiring to you about the relationships between humans and animals?

In 2009, after having written two nonfiction picture books about animals with my dear friend Mary Nethery (The Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship and Survival and Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine, and a Miracle); I decided I wanted to be owned by a dog! So we brought our first-ever dog, Winston, into our home. He is a tri-color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; spoiled rotten. Winston herds me into my office every morning; if I’m not at work by 8:30, he panics.

Animals not only demonstrate huge capacities for love and loyalty, they also seem to bring out the best in people. That is what truly inspires me about them. I have also discovered from my novels Duke and Dash that writing about animals is another great way to connect kids with history.Audacity

One of my all-time favorite middle-grade characters is Hattie Brooks. HATTIE BIG SKY was hugely inspiring to me as I was drafting my first novel. Now that you’ve authored a number of successful and beautifully crafted books, does it feel any easier? What’s changed for you in terms of process and/or inspiration?

Thank you so much for that lovely compliment—it’s a huge one coming from the acclaimed author of the wonderful The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle!


That Hattie – she has so many friends all over the world. I think she is the perfect example of how a flawed character gets into a reader’s heart – the reader is horrified at the choices the character makes and has to keep reading to find out how the character is ever going to get out of such a pickle!

You ask a great question about what has changed for me in terms of process and/or inspiration. That made me stop and think. After some pondering, I came to this notion: I suspect is that very little has changed for me – I still sweat over first drafts, I rarely outline, I make every mistake in the book – but now I have the confidence that I can finish. I know I feel like returning the advance midway through each first draft; I know I can’t believe how much work there is to do when I dive in to revise; I struggle with comparing my work to other writers’. That stuff will likely never change! What has changed is the deep-down confidence that I can write another book.audacity

I know you’re working on a sequel to AUDACITY. Please tell us about that.

I just hit send over the weekend! I don’t want to give too much away but in this adventure, Audie lends a hand to the greatest magician in the world: Harry Houdini.

Oh, I love Houdini! I can’t wait! Are there any more books coming soon? And…are you working on anything you’d like to share?

The third in the WWII/Dogs series, Liberty, is coming out in September of 2016. It’s set in New Orleans and tells the story of how a boy with polio saves a stray dog. There’ll be one more book in that series; it’s just sketches at this point. Trust me: I am working away! I have story ideas to last me till I’m 90!

Thanks so much for this interview, Janet! It was kind of you to take time out from your busy schedule to host me here.

It’s truly my pleasure, Kirby!

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  1. Linda W

    Love Kirby Larson! I featured HATTIE in my critical thesis. 😀 So I’m thrilled to hear about this book. I must have it!


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