News on Middle Grade novel- Chatelaine: The Thirteenth Charm

I have some new exciting news…

Kendra Levin of Viking has acquired my first middle grade, CHATELAINE: THE THIRTEENTH CHARM in a pre-empt. It’s slated for a winter 2016 release.

I can’t wait to share Kat’s story with you. Here’s a synopsis:

CHATELAINE is a middle-grade novel set in a rundown Scottish castle during WWII. The lady of the manor has set it up as a temporary boarding school for children escaping the Blitz. But something is not right with that castle or that lady, and the children begin disappearing one by one. There are clues that hint that a spy is in the house; there are signs that can’t be denied that there is a sinister magic. It’s a race against the clock for one girl, her two younger siblings, and her new best friend to get to the bottom of things.

There will be ghosts, spies, a steampunk witch, an immortal wizard, new-found friends, a creepy castle, an enigma machine, teachers-who-are-not-what-they-seem (aren’t they all?), missing children, the Scottish Highlands…and tons of fun. Here’s a video teaser:


And don’t forget that FORGIVEN is also now available for download 

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or for purchase as a signed hard cover (see my Forgiven book page for more details).

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