Write the Novel of Your Heart

A Masterclass for Middle Grade and Young Adult Writers

Learn to write your novel at a fraction of the cost of an MFA!

I’m super excited to introduce my upcoming Masterclass, with a start date of early spring 2023. The class is based on my 20 years in publishing, my craft education including an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults, and my experience writing nine books for young readers published by houses big and small.

This tailored, high-touch, high-value online course will lead you through the craft instruction you need to write your middle grade or young adult novel. Each module provides deep insight into all aspects of storytelling. Homework will be returned weekly with my comments, and once each month you’ll be invited to join a Zoom meeting featuring a live analysis of one or two students’ homework, plus an open Q&A. The final homework assignment, your first 50 manuscript pages, will receive line edits and an edit letter from me.

The course lasts a total of 24 weeks.

The modules include discovery, character, plot, world-building, revision, and querying. The last includes insights into the publishing industry and recommended next steps.

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My masterclass will take your writing to the next level

You’ll finish this 6-month program with a foundation in the craft of novel-writing plus personalized feedback, and you’ll meet a cohort of colleagues with whom you can continue your creative journey.

I spent two years and tens of thousands of dollars receiving my MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults, and while I deeply value that experience, not everyone can afford that kind of time and money. My course distills the knowledge I’ve amassed over my successful 20-year career.

Yes, I’m interested in your Masterclass!

Is this course for you?

Yes, if

  • You’ve got a solid idea or a rough draft for a middle grade or young adult novel.
  • You’ll be able to devote 5 to 10 hours/ week to learning and practicing the craft.
  • You are eager to become part of a cohort of writers at a similar level to yours.
  • You can commit to working over this 6-month period.
  • You like having accountability and deadlines.

But not if

  • You don’t have time to complete the homework, which includes suggested reading.
  • You’ve never tried to write a novel.

What’s Inside

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn, from the module on Character 

  • Defining your main character – protagonist
  • Get to know your antagonist
  • Create important secondary characters with purpose
  • Write with emotion on the page
  • Learn what we mean when we say “show don’t tell”
  • Voice is probably the single most important element to understand and use correctly
  • Whose point of view should you choose, and how do you stay firmly in that character?
  • Writing in multiple points of view is tricky, but you can master it
  • Which tense – past, present, or even future – serves your story?
  • Master dialogue that shows character thoughts, and learn when to leave space for the reader
  • Create all-important character backstory
  • Do you know your character’s goal, motivation, and conflict? You will!
  • What does it mean to force your character to make things worse?

The class will be size-limited due to its high-touch nature, so if you think you want to join, don’t wait!

Interested? Use this link to get on my dedicated mailing list, and I’ll share further details with you.

Yes! Keep me informed about your Masterclass!

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