Writerly Craft Advice: September

As promised, I will continue to write about the craft of writing, and share those essays with you. They appear over on Medium, and when I can I’ll post the free-to-read link. If you like what you read there, will you please give it a “clap”? Thanks!


This article is the first by my writer son, Kevin Fox. He writes science fiction and his approach to world-building is unique and interesting. His approach is to treat your world as you would a character. You can read his article here.

The Opening Hook

In this essay, I write about what it takes to hook an audience – especially that all-important audience of one: an editor. Three things are required: a question, great voice, and the right tone. It’s important to study the “greats” and work harder on your opening sentence than any other in your story. Check out my article about this here.

Character as Gateway to Emotion

Kevin has also written an article on building characters, and on seeking the emotional engine that drives a story. Read more of his advice here.


And here you can find a post on the value of cliche – which might be surprising!

Creative Productivity

I subscribe to Shaunta Grimes‘s articles because they are filled with logical advice. Here’s one on how to be a productive creative.

I hope you enjoy reading these articles – please let me know if this is working for you!