Thrill in Yellowstone National Park

As you all know, I’m the author of Volcano Dreams: A Story of Yellowstone, which mainly focusses on the geologic aspects of this super volcano.

This past weekend, I had the thrill of a lifetime. We took a short trip into the Park (mask-wearing and distancing, of course), and just by chance arrived at Norris Geyser Basin, when the unexpected happened. Steamboat Geyser, the largest in height in the world, erupted, a major eruption. We estimate that at its height it topped about 250 feet, smaller than some but still enormous. And what a lot of water!!

The video here is about 20 minutes into the eruption, which was still going strong when we left. The sound is amazing, so be sure your sound is turned up. We could feel the vibrations under our feet.

I’ve been coming to this geyser basin for over 20 years, hoping to catch an eruption of Steamboat, so this was a complete thrill.

We also managed to watch two bull elks sparring with horns locked, heard elk bugling in the hills (what an eerie sound!), and experience the beauty of yellow aspen, snow on the mountains, and crisp fall weather.

If you can’t get to Yellowstone any time soon – or if you are a teacher or librarian and want materials to support studying the geology of a super volcano – check out my resources on Yellowstone, including videos and teacher guides.