Big Picture Story Coach – Now Open

This may seem like a strange time to open a business. Social isolation, social discord…it’s confusing, horrifying, often overwhelming. And we all feel helpless, much of the time.

Creating a Safe Space For Readers

But I think so many have so much to say, whether in story form or memoir, fiction or non-fiction. As a writer I use the deep well of emotions that come from responding to times like these to frame stories that I hope will help. As a writer my life’s mission is to create a safe space for children to deal with complex issues and emotions of their own.

I think it’s a natural extension of that mission – to create a safe space – that I decided to take on another role, and learn to become a book coach. Thanks to everything I’ve learned (and am still learning) from Author Accelerator, I’m opening a business, Big Picture Story Coach.

Creating a Safe Space For Writers

If you are a writer who is struggling with a manuscript, or a wishful writer wanting to begin to express your ideas on the page, book coaching may be for you. Book coaching is holistic, developmental, and my mission as a coach is to create a safe space for you as a writer to either learn the skills or conquer your current project.

Take a look at the link above to my coaching business, and feel free to contact me with questions.

Using insight and a dose of magic to change the world, one book at a time.