A Respite in Yellowstone

In these troubled times, I hope this brings you some respite, as a tiny mini-vacation. This video is especially suitable for young kiddos, ages 5-9.

I live not far from Yellowstone National Park. It’s a special place to me. My son and I spent many days when he was little wandering through the Park’s thermal features, watching the animals from a safe distance, and enjoying the natural beauty and wonder of the place. My first novel, FAITHFUL, is set in Yellowstone.

And so is my first picture book: VOLCANO DREAMS: A STORY OF YELLOWSTONE.

I know that lots of you may have had plans to visit Yellowstone this summer, and now you can’t because of the pandemic. I made a short video to show you some of the beauty of Yellowstone, and take you on a mini-vacation.

I hope you enjoy this partial reading of the book, with its wonderful illustrations by Marlo Garnsworthy, and some of the photographs I’ve taken in the Park over the years.

You can learn more about Yellowstone, the super volcano, and do some fun activities here. Also check the book page for downloadable resources.