Librarians, Teachers, & ROOKSKILL Fans: A New Website!

Attention fans of Rookskill!

In two days, I’m excited to announce, we’ll be launching a new website dedicated to THE CHARMED CHILDREN OF ROOKSKILL CASTLE. The website contains a trove of information, with some reveals and other “extras”, but most importantly, it contains a game that can be played in schools, libraries, or by readers anywhere.

rookskill website

Here’s a description of the game:


A Game for Readers, Libraries & Bookstores

Rookskill Castle has many secrets.

Some you’ll find.

Some will find you.

Something is amiss at this spooky Scottish castle.  For 200 years the villagers have seen children where there are no children and have heard singing but have never seen the singers.

Who are these sad, mysterious children who appear and disappear – and do they need our help? 

In this game, clever players will work in teams to solve clues hidden within the pages of books on library or bookstore shelves.  Together the players will discover four objects that uncover spine-chilling secrets of Rookskill and the ghostly children within.

For bookstores and libraries, the game kit contains full instructions, sample dialogue, and printable clues, charms, and other event materials.  Look for the game kit on the Book page at

In addition to solving the riddles for fun, players will learn how to find books and other materials in a library or bookstore, so we hope that librarians and teachers will use the game to introduce new patrons to the library. Players need not have read THE CHARMED CHILDREN OF ROOKSKILL CASTLE in order to play or to win, and from time to time participants will be able to enter a drawing for fun prizes.

And the site allows readers to ask me questions about my books and writing.

Please come visit this new website and enjoy the game and other goodies!

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