Tips For Writers & Readers

If you’ve browsed my website in the past you’ll know that in my Fox’s Den I’m creating a series of links to helpful tips for writers, readers, teachers, and librarians. Over the next few months, I’ll be adding to those files. Many are downloadable pdfs. Here’s what I have there so far:craft fox

For writers – getting started: thoughts on being a writer; professional organizations for writers; conference dos and don’ts; writing the synopsis; writing the logline; writing the query letter.

For writers – craft: a plot paradigm; a plot lecture; a discussion of conflict and tension; two links to files on crafting voice.

For readers: a series of articles on the Roaring Twenties; a series of articles on San Francisco in 1906.

For teachers and librarians: downloadable worksheets with helpful tips on organization skills for kids.

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