What is Book Coaching?

It may be easier to say, first, what a book coach is not. A book coach is not a copy editor. A book coach is not a ghost writer. A book coach is generally not a line editor, although she may comment on a manuscript with line edits at some point in the process. A… Read more »

What is Fox Tales mission statement?

Editing for the whole story. Guiding the writer and the project. Supporting the writer emotionally and creatively. Our mission as book coaches is to challenge our clients to write to their full potential. We will employ our skills as writers and editors, in combination with our desire to support and uplift fellow writers, to create… Read more »

What genre of work can I send you?

We offer a number of services in multiple genres, including children’s genres from middle grade through young adult, new adult, adult fiction and nonfiction. Our specialties include fantasy, historical, and science fiction. Please query us with your project.

What are your credentials?

Janet Fox, principal of Fox Tales, is the author of nine books for young readers, from picture books through young adult, fiction and non-fiction, contemporary, historical, science fiction, and fantasy. Most of her books have been published by Big Five publishers, and her work has won numerous awards and accolades. She earned her MFA in… Read more »

Where do we start?

All of our potential clients will be asked to fill out a short intake form and send us five sample pages at any level of development. We’ll return to you with a letter outlining our initial responses to your work. We’ll also conduct a brief (30 minute) phone or Skype conversation with you to discuss… Read more »

Will you get me published?

That’s something we cannot guarantee. While we cannot promise that your book will sell for a huge advance, reach the bestseller lists, become a movie, or even find a place in Big Five traditional publishing, we will strive to give you our best assessment of your work and a place to feel comfortable through your… Read more »