Please note: Under the current circumstances I will not be traveling or making personal appearances for the duration of 2020. But I would love to Zoom or Skype with your class or group. Contact The Booking Biz for details.

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My speaking credentials:

I’ve taught 8th and 9th grade English and study skills, have an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults, and have given numerous writing and study skills workshops to both young people and adults. I can create a lively and engaging presentation geared to the audience. I enjoy participating in multi-author bookseller appearances, and am willing to coordinate panels and book talks.

I’m available for classroom school visits, large group presentations, teacher in-service training, writing conferences and Skype visits. I especially enjoy speaking to audiences of writers, whether SCBWI, romance writers, or general audiences, and can tailor a presentation on craft or process to audience level. Contact The Booking Biz!

My past appearances include:

  • National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) – panel appearances
  • numerous school visits and bookstore events around the country
  • Montana Library Association – featured speaker
  • Montana Education Association (MFT/MEA) – keynote and panel appearances
  • Jackson Hole Writers Conference – faculty member and speaker
  • Bozeman Children’s Festival of the Book – featured speaker
  • Montana Romance Writers – featured speaker
  • Humanities Montana – featured speaker and panel appearances
  • Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) – panel appearances
  • Montgomery County (Texas) Book Festival – panel appearances
  • Oklahoma Library Association – panel appearances
  • Historical Novel Society – panel appearances
  • Vegas Valley Book Festival – panel appearances
  • SCBWI – presenter at numerous venues around the country


FullSizeRender (7)Janet Fox is not only a terrific writer, but she’s an excellent presenter. She connects with people through warmth, humor, and knowledge of her craft. Whether conducting a writing workshop for teens or speaking to an all-ages audience, Janet has a way of engaging people so they feel like she is talking directly to them. Paula Beswick, Foundation Director and sponsor of the Children’s Festival of the Book, Bozeman Public Library Foundation

Janet Fox was immediately engaging for our 6th and 7th graders. Mrs. Fox related easily to our students and held our students captive throughout her 50 minute presentation. I often have students recommend her books to their friends. Scott Hensley – Info Lit Specialist, Bob Miller MS Learning Center, Henderson NV

Janet’s presentation to my class was extremely beneficial. It helped them see themselves as writers and better understand the writing process. She had my students completely engrossed. I could tell from the questions they asked at the end of her presentation that they were captivated by Janet’s process of creative thought and how those ideas evolved into a tangible book. Kathy Morgan, Middle School Teacher, Big Timber MT

Classroom and large group youth presentations:

  • Spies & Secrets: Kat Bateson and her siblings of THE CHARMED CHILDREN OF ROOKSKILL CASTLE are sent away from London during the Blitz in the fall of 1940. In addition to the scary things they encounter at the Scottish castle, they also discover a German spy and an enigma machine. Janet will bring World War 2 to life for your students with a research-based discussion filled with fascinating details about wartime Great Britain. (Grades 4 – 12)
  • From Castles to Kraken: World-building in Fantasy: History and fantasy collide in THE CHARMED CHILDREN OF ROOKSKILL CASTLE. But how do authors build complex worlds in their novels, especially in fantasy? Janet will structure a hands-on age-appropriate workshop so your students can experience building worlds of their own. Or Janet can deliver a talk about those worlds that will inspire your students to read and write. (Grades 4 – 12)
  • Myths & Fairy Tales: What is it about myths and fairy tales that they form the basis for so many of our stories today, regardless of our culture? Janet was strongly influenced as a child by her reading of those stories and still refers to them today when she writes. She will create an age-appropriate discussion that will detail how mythic structure informs story-telling and how fairy tales weave into much of our world literature. (Grades 4 – 12)
  • When Yellowstone Was Wild: Yellowstone National Park is one of the most spectacular places on earth, a treasure of wildlife, hot springs and geysers, mountain scenery, and history. Janet’s novel FAITHFUL is set in Yellowstone in 1904, and she did extensive research on and in the Park. This program will guide young readers through the writing and research of FAITHFUL, and introduce students to the “Wonderland” of Yellowstone. (Grades 5 – 12)
  • What Is A Supervolcano?: Yellowstone National Park is home to amazing animals. But it also has fantastic thermal features like geysers and hot springs. Why? Because when you are in Yellowstone you are inside the caldera of a supervolcano! Janet’s picture book, VOLCANO DREAMS: A STORY OF YELLOWSTONE, gives students an inside look at the volcano. Janet will give students a tour of the Park, its animals, and its geology in this presentation. (Grades 1 – 5)
  • The Roaring Twenties: History and mystery both factor in Janet’s novel SIRENS, set in New York City in 1925. The decade of the 1920s, following World War 1 and preceding the Great Depression, was rich with changes that made the twentieth century one of the most exciting in American history. Janet will take readers on a journey through the “Roaring Twenties”, notorious for gangsters and speakeasies as well as jazz and great literature, outlining the high points of our culture. (Grades 7 – 12)
  • One Writer’s Process, From Concept to Publication: How do writers come up with ideas? How do they write and how long does it take to write a novel? How does the publication process work? What does an editor do? All of these questions and more will be discussed in this tour through Janet’s life as a writer, with emphasis on encouraging young writers. In-class exercises can be incorporated for smaller groups. (Grades 6 – 12)
  • Study Skills For Middle Grade Students: The middle grade years are some of the most daunting for students, with numerous changes, from homerooms to homework. How can a student cope? Janet’s humorous guide to school success, GET ORGANIZED WITHOUT LOSING IT, is the focus of this hands-on workshop designed to boost middle-schoolers’ study and life skills. (Grades 5 – 7)

Teacher in-service training:

Encouraging Young Readers and Writers: A general workshop-style presentation with specific tips and strategies designed to encourage your young readers and writers. Handouts include discussion guides and reading lists compatible with curriculum requirements. The hands-on portion of the workshop will include writing exercises for first-hand experience of the process.

Writing Conferences and Workshops:

Craft Elements: A presentation covering any specific aspect of craft – character, voice, plot, world-building, research, theme, etc. – that suits the needs of the audience.

Fees and Details:

(Note: I do offer free or reduced fee school visits on a very limited basis. Contact me with questions. Also note that I am currently booking 6 – 8 months out.)

In the Bozeman area: $500/day

  • three fifty-minute presentations
  • brown-bag lunch with the author with students pre-selected by teachers
  • book signing session with Country Bookshelf

In Montana (outside of 60-mile radius of Bozeman): $800/day, plus mileage, and accommodations if necessary

  • three fifty-minute presentations
  • brown-bag lunch with the author with students pre-selected by teachers
  • book signing session with local bookseller, or contact Penguin

Out of state: $1200/day, plus airfare, expenses, and accommodations

  • three fifty-minute presentations
  • brown-bag lunch with the author with students pre-selected by teachers
  • book signing session with local bookseller, or contact Penguin

Skype visits: $350 for one-hour visits, free for 15-30 minute Q&A

I will reduce fees if you purchase a classroom set of any of my books. Discount purchases can be made through Penguin.

Links for further information: