Press Kit for Get Organized Without Losing It by Janet S. Fox

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Agent: Erin Murphy
Company: Erin Murphy Literary Agency

Synopsis of Get Organized Without Losing It:

Kids: If your desk is a disaster, and your locker is a shocker, this book is for you! Full of you-can-do-it ways to manage the major messes in your life, “Get Organized” will help you put your stuff in order, manage your time, plan your work and work your plan. It’s a sure-fire way to turn stress into more free time!

Parents and teachers: One of the books in Free Spirit’s Laugh and Learn series, “Get Organized” will help the kids you know who have issues with their stuff, or with time management.

Awards and praise for Get Organized Without Losing It:

National Association of Parent Publications Awards (NAPPA): 2006 award-winner

Midwest Independent Publisher’s Association (MIPA) Midwest Book Awards: 2007 merit award.

Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) Magazine: Fox uses humor to provide practical, easy-to-follow ideas for organizing desks, backpacks, and lockers; managing time for homework and after school activities; planning long-term projects; and taking better notes…a great book for middle school and junior high teens when they have more subjects and activities to manage.

Jamie Novak, professional organizer: Well-written, easy ideas, and simple techniques. You’ll refer to this book often!

Watermark Books (review by Elizabeth Golay, age 10): Now this really helps. I am a kid and I can get messy, trust me. This book already helped me.

Additude Magazine: I wish I’d found a book like this years ago. Author Janet Fox provides easy-to-follow strategies for organization…I was amazed to find that so much useful information could be packed into 100 pages.

Book information for Get Organized Without Losing It:

Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing, 2006
ISBN 978-1-57542-193-3
Grades 3-6