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 Fox Tales, Big Picture Story Coach LLC

You have a novel and a writing dream. I can help that dream come true!

Fox Tales specializes in coaching writers wishing to create books for young readers. If you write for young readers and you dream of polishing your work to a high shine, read on. (And to dip your toe in the water, click here.)

What We Do

We can help your story take flight!

When we write for young readers, we are writing to, for, and about the child we once were. That twelve-year old self had dreams, that teen we were had hopes. At Fox Tales we help our clients understand and harness the craft of writing, and uncover those hopes and dreams to discover the heart of the story they wish to tell.

Fox Tales offers services in multiple children’s genres, in age ranges from middle grade through young adult. Our specialties include fantasy, science fiction, contemporary, and historical fiction.

Let us help you uncover your hopes and dreams, and write the book you are compelled to bring to life.

Who We Are

Janet Fox:

As the author of nine books for young readers, six from major publishers, I’m well acquainted with the publishing industry and the beauty of a well-crafted book. I have a special fondness for fantasy and magical realism. Strong female protagonists, neuro-diversity, mainstream contemporary fiction, and out-of-the-box concepts – these, too, are in my wheelhouse. I’m proud to say that I’ve been certified through the Advanced level of Author Accelerator’s Book Coach Certification Program.

Kevin Fox:

From the cinematic flickering of film to the pages of a novel, the world of story has fascinated me since I was a child. I am working on a Master’s Degree from UCLA Extensions, have a partial film degree, and four Donald Maass workshops behind me. I’m also a student in the Author Accelerator Book Coach Certification Program. Whether you write in a land of fantasy, where mages, unicorns, and fairies all frolic about, or the shady streets of a grim-dark cyberpunk city – I will be the coach for you. I know what makes a world tick, breathe, and live to a reader, and how to make character and story shine through the vibrancy of your world. Let’s build your vision together. 

Janet and Kevin work collaboratively, especially on projects of speculative fiction.

Mission Statement

Fox Tales provides a whole-book, whole-writer mentorship.

Hence, our mission statement:

Editing for the whole story.

Guiding the writer and the project.

Supporting the writer emotionally and creatively.

Writing is a lonely business and the publishing world is confusing and constantly evolving. If you are nurturing a book but unsure how to bring it to life, book coaching may be for you. 

Fox Tales does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation. I am proud to support and assist all writers.


Have you been trying to write a book, but feel lost? You don’t have to go it alone! I have years of experience in writing and publishing. Let me help.

“Janet’s perspective was just what I needed. She’s incisive, perceptive and, above all, positive and encouraging. Janet whipped me into shape with constructive criticism and a ton of encouragement! She can analyze a piece of writing and, with her considerable experience, recommend exactly what to do to make it engaging and marketable. Overall, working with Janet was, in a word, inspiring!” Brook M.

“Janet has great insight in what’s working (and not yet working) in manuscripts. Her knowledge of craft means she could point me to the right chapter (or exercise) in the right book to improve my work-in-progress. I finished my six-month mentorship with an almost-query-ready novel and a new sureness in my writing. I highly recommend Janet as a book coach.” Tara O.

“I had a novel languishing in a drawer, and Janet has breathed exciting new life into it. She took it in hand and expertly gave me specific recommendations on character, plot, and structure that develop the book in much more convincing ways. Janet’s professionalism and insights have been invaluable. If you have a manuscript in early, middle, or late stage of development – I recommend you get Janet’s coaching immediately!” Randle B.

“Janet has a kind, caring approach perfectly suited to be a book coach. She listened, connected, and spent considerable time pondering my work before writing the clearest most lovely editorial letter I’ve ever received. It sung the praises worth singing and plumbed the depths of story and character that needed revision. She deftly used broad strokes and finely tuned pointers to take my novel to the next level and beyond. Thank you!” Dan R.

“Finding the right person to deliver a constructive critique isn’t always easy. While many writers/critiquers I’ve worked with over the years are good at pointing out my story’s flaws, few excel at giving ideas for fixing them. That’s not the case with Janet Fox. With her extensive background in story writing and publishing, and her gift for seeing a writer’s vision for their story, Janet is skilled at both finding a manuscript’s weakness and giving suggestions for improvement. There’s no doubt working with Janet has turned my YA novel into a stronger story.” Dave W.

Intake Process

people writing

Before beginning our relationship, potential clients will be asked to fill out an intake form and send sample pages of the manuscript you wish to work on. We’ll also conduct a 30 minute phone or Zoom conversation. 

Upon receiving a signed agreement, contract, and 50% deposit from you, I will add you to the first available calendar spot. 

Discover Your Story Heart

You’ve written a novel, or you’ve started one. It’s your first draft – or your tenth. But the dream in your head just doesn’t seem to appear on the page, no matter how many books you’ve read or writing conferences you’ve attended.

I’ve been there. And learned – the hard, lonely way – how to craft a story.Story heart

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to do things the hard way or feel alone in your writing journey.

As a published writer and a book coach I can quickly see to the heart of your story and help you find the right words to bring that story to life.

If you want to dip your toe in the waters of book coaching, I have an offer for you. Send me your first 30 pages and respond to the questions in my Story Heart Workbook. I’ll read your pages and your responses and send back notes on both, and then we’ll have a 30-minute phone or Zoom call to discuss. Whether you have a completed novel, or just the opening pages, this package is for you.

All this for only $220. I only offer a few Story Heart slots each month. When you purchase, I’ll immediately email you the Story Heart Workbook with instructions.

Are you ready to get started? Click here, and let’s get to work! (If you’d like more help, see our full packages here.)


Whether you are writing your first draft, or revising a previous draft, we can help.

Partial Packages

Discover the Author Accelerator Inside-Outline to plan/refocus your book

This package includes a pre-requisite.

The Inside-Outline is a powerful tool to envision or re-envision your entire novel, using the principle of cause and effect and following your main character’s emotional journey. A fantastic planning tool, if you are just beginning your novel. Learn and use the Inside-Outline under our coaching.



  • Guide you through 4 rounds of creating and revising a One-page Book Summary and Inside Outline
  • Provide detailed feedback in each of the weeks/rounds and instruction to take your work to the next step
  • Schedule with you one 30-minute phone or Zoom conversation each week

Timeframe of 5 to 7 weeks once you begin with us


For existing/prior clients only

If you’ve worked with us before and need a quick eyeball on your pages once again before submitting, consider these options:

Full manuscript read-through with limited line edits, phone consult, and edit letter (as in our preliminary manuscript eval): $1200.00

If you’ve completed the Whole novel 6-month package, and wish to add a la carte months one at a time: $500.00/month.

Additional one-hour phone or Zoom consults: $100/consult

Also for prior clients only – Query/pitch package:


  • Help you polish and edit three sample chapters, up to three rounds
  • Help you write a synopsis
  • Help you develop a pitch/query up to three rounds
  • Help you develop an initial agent wish list and pitch plan
  • Coach you on initial rejections and help you hone or revise your pitch
  • Schedule with you one 60-minute phone or Zoom conversation

Timeframe of 4 (working) weeks once you begin with us. Revisiting after initial rejections is included, within a three-month waiting period.


Whole Manuscript

If you wish to take any of these packages as a first step and proceed with the same manuscript to our next level assessment we offer a 10% discount on your next purchase.

Preliminary manuscript evaluation

This is a “quick-take” look at your entire novel or nonfiction book, up to 75,000 words. One-hour phone/Zoom consult included.


  • Send us your manuscript


  • Read your entire manuscript and comment with limited line edits
  • Return to you a three to six-page edit letter of editorial feedback on big-picture issues
  • Recommend next steps
  • Schedule with you one 60-minute phone or Zoom conversation

Timeframe of 2 to 3 weeks

$1400.00 Above 75,000 words, add $5/page

Whole novel/detailed manuscript evaluation

This is a more comprehensive overview of your entire novel or nonfiction book, up to 75,000 words.


  • Send us your manuscript


  • Read and comment on your entire manuscript with line edits
  • Write a five to ten page edit letter with detailed suggestions and editorial comments on character arc, plot, concept, etc.
  • Provide you a detailed “next steps” outline
  • Schedule with you one 60-minute phone or Zoom conversation

Timeframe of 4 to 6 weeks

$2100.00. Above 75,000 words, add $5/page

Whole novel six-month coaching

This is a full manuscript workshop over a 6-month time period, whether writing your first draft or revising your tenth, for concept, plot, character, and development possibilities, up to 75,000 words.


  • Send us your manuscript/pages
  • Write/revise as we go, returning your work as noted in our agreement


  • Guide you through one month crafting an Inside/Outline
  • Read and comment on your manuscript in 5 monthly increments with extensive line edits following the Inside/Outline, using the Blueprint For a Book
  • Write edit letters with each incremental deadline
  • With each deadline we comment on 20 to 30 pages of your revision/next set of pages
  • Each deadline includes either a 30-minute or 60-minute phone or Zoom conversation
  • Unlimited email conversations

Timeframe of 6 months 

$3200.00. Above 75,000 words, add $5/page

Whole novel twelve-month coaching

This full manuscript critique offers what is included in the basic assessment package above, but also includes an additional 6 deadlines and 6 phone/Zoom visits, for a total of 12 of each. 

Timeframe of 12 months.

$5700.00, up to 75,000 words. Above 75,000 words, add $5/page


You can also download the FAQs in pdf form here.

It may be easier to say, first, what a book coach is not. A book coach is not a copy editor. A book coach is not a ghost writer. A book coach is generally not a line editor, although she may comment on a manuscript with line edits at some point in the process.

A book coach is a developmental, holistic editor, with the addition of supporting the writer through the entire process of writing a book, from start to finish, including time-management and publication guidance.

In other words, a book coach is a whole-book, whole-writer mentor.

Editing for the whole story.

Guiding the writer and the project.

Supporting the writer emotionally and creatively.

Our mission as book coaches is to challenge our clients to write to their full potential. We will employ our skills as writers and editors, in combination with our desire to support and uplift fellow writers, to create a relationship built on trust. If you are ready, willing, and able to invest in your work with heart, energy, and time, we are here to help you reach your writing goals.

Fox Tales can help you with your writing at all levels. Writing is a lonely business and the publishing world is confusing and constantly evolving. If you are nurturing a book but unsure how to bring it to life, book coaching may be for you. Our mission is clear: edit, guide, and support writers through the entire process of writing a book.

We offer a number of services in multiple genres, including children’s genres from middle grade through young adult, new adult, adult fiction and nonfiction. Our specialties include fantasy, historical, and science fiction. Please query us with your project.

Janet Fox, principal of Fox Tales, is the author of nine books for young readers, from picture books through young adult, fiction and non-fiction, contemporary, historical, science fiction, and fantasy. Most of her books have been published by Big Five publishers, and her work has won numerous awards and accolades. She earned her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and has taught middle and high school language arts. Janet has been certified through Author Accelerator’s Advanced Book Coach Certification program.

All of our potential clients will be asked to fill out a short intake form and send us five sample pages at any level of development. We’ll return to you with a letter outlining our initial responses to your work. We’ll also conduct a brief (30 minute) phone or Skype conversation with you to discuss your feelings about your work and your hopes and dreams. We want to be sure that we can meet your needs, and that you feel comfortable working with us.

After this conversation and, assuming we are all happy with the relationship, upon receiving a signed agreement, contract, and 50% deposit from you, we will add you to our first available calendar spot. Once your project reaches its assigned date on our calendar, it will receive our full attention and we will clearly indicate a timeline for delivery.

That’s something we cannot guarantee.

While we cannot promise that your book will sell for a huge advance, reach the bestseller lists, become a movie, or even find a place in Big Five traditional publishing, we will strive to give you our best assessment of your work and a place to feel comfortable through your writing journey as you work to achieve your dream of crafting the book of your heart. And we’ll guide you in taking the next step toward publication, of whatever kind you choose – self, hybrid, or traditional.

Please note that we do not offer referrals to our agents or to the editors we know, nor do we offer marketing services, though we can make suggestions for you to investigate and pursue.

Currently Fox Tales uses a package pricing model. Please click here for those details.