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Welcome to Fox Tales!

Do you dream of writing a book that readers will love? Do you want support and accountability?

We’re here for you.

What We Do

Welcome to Fox Tales – Book Coaching for Children’s Book Writers!

You’ve written a middle grade or YA novel or picture book, or you’ve started one. It’s your first draft – or your tenth. But the dream in your head hasn’t come alive, no matter how many craft books you’ve read or writing conferences you’ve attended.

I help kidlit authors grow story-building confidence so they can achieve the dream of writing a book that readers will love.


I’ve been there. And learned – the hard, lonely way – how to craft a story. Here’s the thing: you don’t have to do things the hard way or feel alone in your writing journey.

I’ll help your story take flight. Let’s get started!

Discovery Call

I want to meet you and hear about your project.

Let’s have a free 30-minute discovery call, so we can discuss your project and what I can provide.

I want to learn about your writing dreams, your hopes and expectations.

I want you to feel confident that I can guide you to do your best work.

I want to establish a relationship of mutual trust and honest communication.

If we agree to work together I will provide honest, incisive, positive feedback. I won’t tell you your work is ready or perfect – until it is.

And if you’d like to “try out” book coaching first, check out my Six Day Story System course, or my new 50 pages evaluation.


Contact Me

Who We Are

I’m Janet Fox:

As the author of twelve books for young readers, six from major publishers and several award-winners, I’m well acquainted with the publishing industry and the beauty of a well-crafted book. I have a special fondness for fantasy and magical realism. Strong female protagonists, neuro-diversity, mainstream contemporary fiction, and out-of-the-box concepts – these, too, are in my wheelhouse. I’m a former teacher and an MFA graduate from Vermont College of Fine Arts, Writing for Children and Young Adults. I’m proud to say that I’ve been certified through the Advanced level of Author Accelerator’s Book Coach Certification Program. I also coach writers in the coaching track for She Writes Press and SparkPress.

See our client success stories and published/upcoming books below!

All clients who sign with Fox Tales work directly with me. My son, writer, and consultant offers his expertise through me on projects of speculative fiction. If you have a project of spec fiction and would like to work with Kevin one-on-one contact him here.

I’m Kevin Fox: (writing as K. MacCabe)

From the cinematic flickering of film to the pages of a novel, the world of story has fascinated me since I was a child. Whether you write in a land of fantasy, where mages, unicorns, and fairies all frolic about, or the shady streets of a grim-dark cyberpunk city – I will be the coach for you. I know what makes a world tick, breathe, and live to a reader, and how to make character and story shine through the vibrancy of your world. Let’s build your vision together.

Find my books here, and learn more about me and my science fiction world at

Fox Tales does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation. We are proud to support and assist all writers.

Discover Your Story

What if you could learn the basics of writing a book for today’s market in 6 days or less?

With my Six Day Story System there’s no need to spend thousands on retreats or workshops.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of story-crafting in your own home in 6 days or less.

Whether you are a beginning writer, a writer who wants to get published, or an intermediate writer in search of greater understanding, this is the course for you.

Sign up today to get lifetime access to the course videos and workbooks.

Get the course today for only $87 (actual value $425).

Are you ready to get started? Click here, and let’s get to work!


Whether you are writing your first draft, or revising a previous draft, I can help.

Whole Story One-on-one Coaching

This is a full manuscript edit of a picture book or novel, whether writing your first draft or revising your tenth, for concept, plot, character, and development possibilities. While not required, I highly recommend 3-6 months of coaching to achieve the goal of first draft or revision of a full novel or picture book(s).

You will:

  • Send me your manuscript/pages/concept
  • Write/revise as we go, returning your work as noted in our agreement

I will:

  • Read and comment on your manuscript at every-two-week increments with extensive line edits 
  • Write brief edit letters as needed with each incremental deadline
  • With each deadline I comment on 20 to 30 pages of your revision/next set of pages
  • Each deadline includes a 30-minute phone or Zoom conversation
  • Provide unlimited email support
  • For clients who complete a full revision, I do offer separate query and submission support.

Suggested timeframe of 3-6 months


First 30 Pages Evaluation

An evaluation of up to 30 pages of the opening of your middle grade or young adult novel that includes:

  • Two 30-minute phone or Zoom calls, one to begin, the other to help you analyze my suggestions
  • Calls recorded so you don’t have to take notes
  • A professional edit letter with comments geared to helping you takes the next steps in revision or submission (no line edits)

Suggested time frame of 2-3 weeks

$350 total. Note that we no longer offer this limited package for picture books (although you can still sign up for monthly one-0n-one), and this offer will vanish on 12/15/23. Instead, we’re moving to…..Fox’s Den Mentorship for all kidlit authors.

New! Courses, and Coming Soon, Fox’s Den 

I have new courses open to everyone!

Whether you need my Query Letter Clinic, My Time to Write Accountability Journal, my Six Day Story System, or my Build a Book Proposal For Your Nonfiction Book, you’ll find help in my new course curriculum.

And in 2024: Fox’s Den, a membership/mentorship program for all children’s book authors. Stay tuned!

Take a look at all my currently available courses here!


You can also download the FAQs in pdf form here.

It may be easier to say, first, what a book coach is not. A book coach is not a copy editor. A book coach is not a ghost writer. A book coach is generally not a line editor, although she may comment on a manuscript with line edits at some point in the process.

A book coach is a developmental, holistic editor, with the addition of supporting the writer through the entire process of writing a book, from start to finish, including time-management and publication guidance.

In other words, a book coach is a whole-book, whole-writer mentor.

Editing for the whole story.

Guiding the writer and the project.

Supporting the writer emotionally and creatively.

Our mission as book coaches is to challenge our clients to write to their full potential. We will employ our skills as writers and editors, in combination with our desire to support and uplift fellow writers, to create a relationship built on trust. If you are ready, willing, and able to invest in your work with heart, energy, and time, we are here to help you reach your writing goals.

Fox Tales can help you with your writing at all levels. Writing is a lonely business and the publishing world is confusing and constantly evolving. If you are nurturing a book but unsure how to bring it to life, book coaching may be for you. Our mission is clear: edit, guide, and support writers through the entire process of writing a book.

We offer a number of services in multiple genres, including children’s genres from middle grade through young adult, new adult, adult fiction and nonfiction. Our specialties include fantasy, historical, and science fiction. Please query us with your project.

Janet Fox, principal of Fox Tales, is the author of nine books for young readers, from picture books through young adult, fiction and non-fiction, contemporary, historical, science fiction, and fantasy. Most of her books have been published by Big Five publishers, and her work has won numerous awards and accolades. She earned her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and has taught middle and high school language arts. Janet has been certified through Author Accelerator’s Advanced Book Coach Certification program.

All of our potential clients will be asked to fill out a short intake form and send us five sample pages at any level of development. We’ll return to you with a letter outlining our initial responses to your work. We’ll also conduct a brief (30 minute) phone or Skype conversation with you to discuss your feelings about your work and your hopes and dreams. We want to be sure that we can meet your needs, and that you feel comfortable working with us.

After this conversation and, assuming we are all happy with the relationship, upon receiving a signed agreement, contract, and 50% deposit from you, we will add you to our first available calendar spot. Once your project reaches its assigned date on our calendar, it will receive our full attention and we will clearly indicate a timeline for delivery.

That’s something we cannot guarantee.

While we cannot promise that your book will sell for a huge advance, reach the bestseller lists, become a movie, or even find a place in Big Five traditional publishing, we will strive to give you our best assessment of your work and a place to feel comfortable through your writing journey as you work to achieve your dream of crafting the book of your heart. And we’ll guide you in taking the next step toward publication, of whatever kind you choose – self, hybrid, or traditional.

Please note that we do not offer referrals to our agents or to the editors we know, nor do we offer marketing services, though we can make suggestions for you to investigate and pursue.

Currently Fox Tales uses a package pricing model. Please click here for those details.