Hot Spot!

This article first appeared in Highlights for Children, May, 2006 “Here it comes!” my son Kevin shouted. We felt a rumble beneath our feet. We heard a noise like a roaring train. Boiling water shot out of the ground and blew high into the air. We were watching a geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone covers a big part of Wyoming, plus parts of Montana and Idaho. Geysers, hot … [Read more...]

Why Dragons Don’t Have Handkerchiefs

This children's short story first appeared in Spider Magazine, September, 2003 Dudley Dragon came home from school one afternoon and said, “Mom, my throat hurts.” “Have you been eating ice cream again?” asked his mom. “You know what that does to you.” “No,” said Dudley Dragon. “See?” And he blew a flame just to show her his fire hadn’t gone out. “Hmm,” said his mom. “All the same, your … [Read more...]