A discussion guide is now available! I want to let teachers, librarians, book club organizers, and readers know that there is a discussion and project guide now available for THE CHARMED CHILDREN OF ROOKSKILL CASTLE. The guide was created by the talented Deb Gonzales and contains questions to spur analysis, games, poetry features, and more. I'm thrilled with the guide, and I hope you'll … [Read more...]


To celebrate today's release of THE CHARMED CHILDREN OF ROOKSKILL CASTLE we're on a blog tour!! And note the giveaways listed, too! As of yesterday - March 14 - I will be visiting these blogs:   My Brain on Books–Guest post & Video #1–03/14/16 Word Spelunking–Top 10 List & Video #2–03/15/16 The Book Wars–Guest post & Video #3–03/16/16 Great Imaginations–Interview … [Read more...]

Two Weeks Until Launch

In THE CHARMED CHILDREN OF ROOKSKILL CASTLE, a chatelaine - a piece of jewelry worn at the waist during the 17th through 19th centuries (read more about chatelaines here) - plays a huge role. For each of twelve children, there is a charm on that chatelaine. I won't reveal here what it does - that would be a spoiler! Just for fun I made a series of twelve super-short videos, one for each charm. … [Read more...]

The Author “Thing”

In just over two weeks, THE CHARMED CHILDREN OF ROOKSKILL CASTLE will be out in the world. This is a nerve-wracking time for an author. Will it sell? Will people like it? Will they even read it? This is my baby and I want it to be loved! Now, in fairness, I'm on cloud nine over the wonderful welcome it's received to date. Kirkus, Booklist, and Publisher's Weekly have all given it starred … [Read more...]